Sheets - Pillow Cases: Adele J27- Natural - Silk Jacquard - Dyed - CASTELLO Home
Sheets - Pillow Cases: Adele J27- Natural - Silk Jacquard - Dyed - CASTELLO Home

Sheets and Pillowcases: SETA Adele J27- Natural - Mulberry Silk Jacquard - Dyed

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SETA: Pure Silk, Pure luxury, No Compromise...

Made of the highest grade of silk. Available in Jacquard woven dyed, handmade by craftsman with generations of experience.  

Mulberry Silk

If you know your high-end luxury goods, you know mulberry silk, named for the mulberry leaves the uniquely bred silkworms feed on. Technically, this is still a charmeuse silk, but the difference in silk quality comes from a unique kind of silkworms, cultivated for over 5000 years. The careful breeding, strict diet, and attention to detail makes this the most sought-after silk in bedding, and arguably the finest silk in the world. If you’re willing to invest in the finer things in life, mulberry silk is what you should aim for.

This product is available in four different fabrication styles:

  • Clean: Simple

  • Classic: Piping

  • Elegant: Raised Seam

  • Superior: Attached Raised Seam

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C A S T E L L O Home

We are a 4th generation Italian Linen manufacturer, establish in 1935. We produce a complete line of Luxurious Bed, Bath, Table Linen and Accessories for the High-End Luxury Home - Hotel and Private Label Textile Industry.

C A S T E L L O Home

Made in Italy - Est 1935

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